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Ulead GIF Animator 5.0


GIF Animator 5 allows you to create animated GIFs for the web or for interactive presentations. The application lets you easily create fast-loading animation for your web site and PowerPoint presentations. The program is ideal for use with raster-based Flash projects and integrates easily with top image editors like Photoshop and paint Shop Pro.

Major boons of GIF Animator:

Intuitive Interface

The program allows you start creating cool looking designs without needing to be a seasoned web design professional You can get around fast using a simple tab-based interface with Edit, Optimize and Preview mode.

Capture animation

GIF Animator´s Animation Wizard walks you through the process of creating an animation sequence. You can also add video or other animation as separate frame objects. What´s more, you can apply images, text, animated text and PhotoImpact path objects.

Dynamic effects

If you want your animations to look stylish and to stand out from the rest of the designs you see on the web then the program has a range of effects that can help. You can add various text effects, video effects, transitions and even Photoshop compatible filters.

Powerful optimization

You can ensure fast-loading animation with the latest image compression techniques. An optimization wizard automates compression based on presets and there are a series of advanced options, including the ability to optimize for target file size or compression ratio. There are before-and-after animated previews displaying real-time optimized results.

Flexible output

Despite the name, it's not just GIFs you can create with the application and you can export to a wide variety of file formats, including Flash, AVI, MPEG and QuickTime. You can even send self-playing animated greetings with personalized messages and music.

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